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Property Purchase

During the summer of 2018 we were offered the opportunity to purchase a house and property located next to Lily Hill Inn. 

Here is why we feel it is an important opportunity for the Conference. In the shaded area on the lower right section of the picture below, you can see how close this house is to Lily Hill Inn. There is only about 60 feet between the two buildings. The black line on the map shows the existing Conference property. Our friends at WPEL are our neighbors on the bottom corner. The current owners of the shaded house have lived there for close to thirty years and have been great neighbors. The original owner of the house served on our Conference staff, so we have always had a great relationship with the neighbors. (We always try to be good neighbors but sometimes our guests are noisy, or in their excitement even wander into the neighbor’s back yard. Acquiring this property will maintain a great buffer with other neighbors.


The other value of this property is that it can be used for staff housing. We have staff apartments in both Torrey Home & Dreyer Lodge. If we can free up these apartments we can turn those apartments into guest rooms allowing us to have additional housing for guests. This will be a significant help because we have several events each year where all the housing on the main campus is full. This will allow us to accommodate more guests.