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Property Purchase

During the summer of 2015 we were offered the opportunity to purchase property and buildings located next to our Lake Avenue Dining Room on the corner of Lake Avenue and Conference Road.  This is a 2.6 acre piece of property with a house and barn.  

Here is why we feel it is an important opportunity for the Conference.  There are two parcels being sold and the owner wants to sell them together. The back parcel is 1.5 acres (highlighted in red on the map) and is completely undeveloped. This property is significant for the following reasons.  

1)  This parcel borders our property right down the center of Conference Road - the only access that we use to get to our youth camp facilities and the Conference Hill Family Campground.  Although we have not had issues over this private right of way with our long term neighbor, you can see the potential for problems if we have an unfriendly neighbor.  

2) A new owner could also develop the property and negatively impact our facilities by how they use it. 

3) This property has two flat terraces, which is very uncommon on the hilly Maplewood Campus (youth campus).  

Acquiring this property allows us many possibilities for how it could be used in the future to enhance this ministry. 

The front parcel (highlighted in yellow) is 1.1 acres and has a small barn and stately home which was built in 1881.  This has been owned by the same family for the past 134 years.  The family has owned this longer than the Conference has been in existence! This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity since the property has been owned by the family for so many generations! The house is attractive but it needs many improvements and updates on the inside.  We are considering several different options of how these buildings may be useful for ministry.  The barn could be used by our maintenance staff to carry out their responsibilities of maintaining our facilities. Both of these properties give us new opportunities for expanded ministry in the days ahead. 

Here is what you can do to help.

First, continue to pray!  We were able to close on the property on December 1, 2015.  On that day we had contributions of just over $100,000 to close on the property.  We took out a mortgage of $85,000 for the balance.  See the chart below for the progress we are making on paying this off.  Pray that we will have wisdom as we decide how best to use the property.   

Second, please consider if God wants you to have a part in this opportunity.      

To give online CLICK HERE or you can send a gift to Montrose Bible Conference, 218 Locust Street, Montrose, PA 18801.  Please mark your gift for Property Purchase. 

        We are very excited about this expansion of our physical property and are looking forward to the new opportunities for ministry that we will have as a result of acquiring it.  We also look forward to how God will continue to provide for this through friends like you.  




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