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Events at Montrose Bible Conference
For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.
Matthew 18:20

Our Events

24th Annual Christian Writer’s Conference

July 21-26, 2013

New and experienced writers will be spiritually renewed as they sharpen their word- smithing skills and learn about Christian publishing at this annual conference.

  • 5 Continuing Classes
  • 45 workshops
  • Editorial Appointments
  • Professional Critiques

Our faculty will include Bonnie Calhoun, Joanna Echols, Linda Glaz, Bob Hostetler, Marsha Hubler, Donna and Conrad Krieger, Larry Leech, Linda Bonney Olin, Gloria Penwell, Major Allen Satterlee, Cindy Sproles and Carol Wedeven.

Continuing Classes

Learn the Lingo - Cindy Sproles

Learn the basics of manuscript prep and the lingo that goes with it in today’s publishing world.

  • Say What? POW, GWS, MOO, RUE, and many more terms.
  • They Told Me to What? Bios, business cards, one-sheets, and etiquette for appointments.
  • Come Again? Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. Hard decisions in a tough market.
  • Do what? Building a platform and advancing sales through social media and speaking.

Cindy serves as Executive Editor of, a daily devotional website where many authors are published for the first time. She is also an Acquisitions Editor for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and a contributing writer for Cindy has written one book and co-authored another. Her work has been published in several compilations and syndicated newspapers. She enjoys teaching, speaking, and directing Writers ADVANCE! Boot Camp.

The Well-Rounded Writer - Bob Hostetler

Getting published is one thing. Becoming a well-rounded writer is another. Preserve your sanity as you develop—or revive—your writing as you engage in hands-on sessions that will equip you with better business practices, improved craftsmanship, a heightened awareness of your writing as meaningful ministry, and even a refreshing rediscovery of the joys of writing for fun.

Bob Hostetler, author of 32 books, is also an editor, pastor, and speaker. His award-winning books, including Falling in Love with God and Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door (co-authored with Josh McDowell) have sold over three million copies. Bob has won two Gold Medallion Awards, four Ohio Associated Press awards, and an Amy Foundation Award. He is the founding pastor of Cobblestone Community Church in Oxford, Ohio. He and his wife Robin have two grown children and four grandchildren.

G.R.E.A.T. Writing - Larry J. Leech II

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll discuss the key elements of G.R.E.A.T writing: Grammar, Red flags, Extra words, Adjectives and Adverbs, and Tricky words. We’ll also look at where to find ideas, how to stay motivated, writing first pages, creating tension, and taking an idea and shaping it into a book or turning it into a story, blog, or article. Both fiction and nonfiction writers are encouraged to bring a work-in-progress for fine tuning.

Larry spent nearly two decades writing, editing, and managing news and sports departments at various newspapers. He served as editor of Christian Retailing magazine for five years. With more than 2,300 articles published, Larry moved into freelance book editing and writing in 2004. He has ghostwritten over a dozen books, edited over 150 manuscripts, and served as the first president of Word Weavers International. Larry enjoys sharing his love of words with aspiring writers as a conference speaker, writing coach, and mentor and will evaluate manuscripts as a representative for HigherLife Publishing & Marketing.

Your Best Fiction Workshop - Marsha Hubler

Working on juvenile fiction? Romance? Fantasy? Short stories? Join this work-in-progress class to learn how to create eye-catching fiction to hook readers, flesh out characters, and develop a story arc with a satisfying resolution sparked by interesting narrative and dialogue. Learn differences in subgenres and which is best for your style of writing. Register for MCWC by June 28 and request guidelines for submitting a sample of your work beforehand. Improve it during the week to prepare it for publication. (Class size limited.)

Marsha is the author of the best-selling juvenile fiction Keystone Stables Series, The Loves of Snyder County Amish/Mennonite Series, and The Snyder County Quilting Bee Short Story Series. She has a master’s degree in education, over 40 years experience with children of all ages, and lives in Amish/Mennonite country in central Pennsylvania.

Hey! What's the Big Idea? - Torry Martin

Brainstorm. Find the BIG IDEA that will satisfy your audience. Discover the power of storytelling. Develop original but believable characters and dialogue. Look at format, story, structure, character, and dialogue for comedy sketches for stage or screen. Examine the art and craft of screenwriting. Compare screenplays with novels. Learn what’s involved in collaborative writing, marketing, and promoting yourself and your projects.

Torry is an award-winning actor, screenwriter, comedian and author. In addition to penning humor columns for a variety of national print and online publications, he writes for Adventures in Odyssey where he created the popular character of Wooton Bassett. Torry has co-written six full feature length scripts and is in demand as a speaker, performer, and instructor at writing and filmmaking conferences.

Afternoon Workshop Series

How-to instruction on specialized topics.

Choosing Words for Children

6 Sessions: 2:30 and 3:30: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Carol Wedeven

Selecting Words Skillfully

4 Sessions: 3:30: Monday through Thursday Christine Lindberg

Working with Words of the Web

8 Sessions: 2:30 and 3:30: Monday through Thursday Bonnie Calhoun

Workshop Details


What Do Publishers Want? Updates and Insights
Faculty Panel
2:30-3:15 How Not to Get An Agent
Linda Glaz
Getting the Most Out of This Conference
Bob Hostetler
How to Make an Editor Sit Up and Take Notice
Gloria Penwell
Facebook for Dummies
Bonnie Calhoun
3:30-4:15 Opening With a Bang
Linda Glaz
Root Out Redundancies!
Christine Lindberg
Dos and Don'ts in Writing for Children
Joanna Echols
Creating Your Village with Facebook
Bonnie Calhoun


How to Write a Good Proposal
Linda Glaz
Keys to Co-authoring Success
Bob Hostetler
Beginnings and Endings: Grab editors and readers!
Joanna Echols
Writing Bible Studies
Gloria Penwell
2:30-3:15 Dialogue Tags, Use and Abuse
Linda Glaz
Humor Sells
Jeanette Levellie
Design Change for Memorable Kid Characters
Carol Wedeven
Blogging Made Easy
Bonnie Calhoun
3:30-4:15 Wimps or Alpha Males on Steroids?
Linda Glaz
Tangled & Mangled: Typos, Spoonerisms, Scary Words
Christine Lindberg
Wanted: Award-Winning Verbs for Kids
Carol Wedeven
Blogging For Dollars
Bonnie Calhoun


Down for the Count 1
Linda Glaz
Create a Winning One-Sheet
Bob Hostetler
Writing for Magazines in Today's World
Major Allen Satterlee
Anyone Can E-Publish; Should You?
Linda Bonney Olin
2:30-3:15 Down for the Count 2
Linda Glaz
Writing Compelling Devotions
Jeanette Levellie
Reveal Attitude, Tone, and Voice for Kids
Carol Wedeven
Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, LinkedIn, and You Tube 1
Bonnie Calhoun
3:30-4:15 Developing Your Voice
Larry Leech
A Writer's Thesaurus: Friend or Foe?
Christine Lindberg
Showing Dialogue & Action, Telling Story for Kids
Carol Wedeven
Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, LinkedIn, and You Tube 2
Bonnie Calhoun


Working From Home
Larry Leech
Column Writing as a Platform Builder
Jeanette Levellie
Doing Credible Historical Research
Major Allen Satterlee
Market Your E-Book: Why You Must and How You Can
Linda Bonney Olin
2:30-3:15 Importance of a Critique Group
Larry Leech
Time Management for Part-time Writers
Jeanette Levellie
Create Sounds in Stories for Kids
Carol Wedeven
HootSuite 1
Bonnie Calhoun
3:30-4:15 After the Conference
Larry Leech
Illusions vs. Allusions -Christine Lindberg Sense-Full Stories for Kids
Carol Wedeven
HootSuite 2
Bonnie Calhoun

Editorial Appointments

Private 15-minute appointments with editors and agents to show them material which may be suitable for their publications and/or to discuss ideas for stories. Sign-up sheets available at the conference. Study guidelines ahead of time and bring professionally prepared manuscripts. Be sure to bring copies! No charge.

Professional Critiques

This is a great opportunity to have your work evaluated by a published professional. You will receive a written evaluation of your manuscript plus a 30-minute private appointment to talk about ways to improve and/or market your piece.

Bob Hostetler

Nonfiction books: Proposal plus 10 pages.
Fiction books: Synopsis plus 10 pages.
Poetry: Maximum of 3 poems with no more than 40 lines per poem.

Marsha Hubler

YA, Romance, and Fantasy books: Synopsis plus 10 pages.
Short stories: 10 pages.

Larry Leech

Nonfiction books: Proposal plus10 pages.
Nonfiction articles: Up to 2500 words.

Torry Martin

Drama sketches: Up to 12 pages.
Humor articles: Up to 1500 words.
Screenplays: Synopsis plus 10 pages.
Press Kits.

Cindy Sproles

Devotions: Up to three with a maximum of 400 words each.
Inspirational articles: Up to 2500 words.

Carol Wedeven

Picture books, stories, or articles for children: Up to 1500 words.

Other Opportunities

Critique Groups

Opportunity for feedback from other writers. No charge.

Book Table

Features books by faculty and conferees. When registering, please indicate books you’ve written which you would like to sell.


Complimentary publishers’ guidelines and sample copies to save you time and postage.

CDs or MP3s

Listen to the sessions you missed or those you want to hear again.


Shirley Brinkerhoff Memorial Scholarship: $100 grant for tuition: Awarded to a writer actively striving to hone the craft of writing who has not yet secured a publishing contract.

General Scholarship help available according to need. Please inquire when registering.

Call Montrose Bible Conference toll free at 1-800-598-5030 to register for this event.

Online registration is coming soon!

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